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Safetycare is a global leader in safety training products and services. Our training products are used extensively throughout the world. Our services address specific organisational safety training and safety management issues. Customer service has always been a priority at Safetycare. Safetycare was the first company in the world to offer “no obligation free previews” of all its video programs.
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This DVD comes with a Facilitator's Guide
Unsafe acts contribute to many accidents and injuries and must be addressed as an important safety issue. Arguably it is the single most important safety issue that exists.
Fundamental to the management of workplace health and safety is the identification, assessment and control of hazards. This means that in an effort to reduce accidents and injuries consideration is given to many things, such as
·        workplace design and layout
·        provision of appropriate guards and interlocks
·        written safe work procedures
·        availability of required personal protective equipment
·        appropriate signage and labeling
         and so on.
But, despite all of this, accidents and injuries still occur. Many of which occur as a direct or indirect result of unsafe acts.

Unsafe Acts