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Safetycare is a global leader in safety training products and services. Our training products are used extensively throughout the world. Our services address specific organisational safety training and safety management issues. Customer service has always been a priority at Safetycare. Safetycare was the first company in the world to offer “no obligation free previews” of all its video programs.
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This DVD comes with a Facilitator's Guide
One of the consequences of the recent technological explosion is that it has increased both the LIKELIHOOD and more importantly, the CONSEQUENCE of human error.
The intention of this program is to examine the human factors involved in accidents, incidents and mistakes in the workplace.
Topics included in the program:
            *          Direct human involvement
            *          Indirect human involvement
            *          Violations
            *          Errors
            *          Mistakes and Slips
            *          Dormant Errors

Safety and the Human Factor