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Safetycare is a global leader in safety training products and services. Our training products are used extensively throughout the world. Our services address specific organisational safety training and safety management issues. Customer service has always been a priority at Safetycare. Safetycare was the first company in the world to offer “no obligation free previews” of all its video programs.
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This DVD comes with a Facilitator's Guide
Every year there are numerous accidents involving falls in the workplace – some of these accidents result in severe injuries. In the worst cases they result in fatalities. In order to reduce the number of fall type accidents at work we need a fundamental understanding of all types of ‘falling’ accidents and their causes.
This program covers:
            *         The Concept of Falls – explores the range and scope of
                       falls in the workplace. In many instances people only think
                       about falls from heights but as this program shows there
                       are a large number of ways that people can receive injuries
                       from falls.
             *         Why Falls Occur in the Workplace – identifies the
                       fundamental reasons why falls occur in the workplace.

Falls in the Workplace